TopRock Internet Company Information

Quick Facts:
Established: December, 2006
Location: Denver, Colorado USA
Number of Employees: 15

5 Things You Should Know About TopRock Internet:
1. TopRock is a team of full-time business professionals who are available to our clients often beyond normal business hours. We have a professional business environment and hold ourselves to a high standard. We are not a home-based business or a one-man show and have offices overseas as well.

2.  As a small business, we understand the value of money and the need to produce results with every dollar that a client will choose to invest in Internet and computer technology.  The true definition of success is when both businesses can see the financial benefits of a relationship.  Our client retention rates validate that we have developed the right relationships with many businesses.

Our company core has embraced the ideology of “relationship first” and will always strive to act in the best interests of our clients, both long and short-term.

3.  TopRock services currently include semi-custom or custom programming, Internet marketing (SEO, SEM), technical support, and web hosting.  We know how to develop, maintain, market, and host just about any type of web system as well as assist with computer hardware, software, and network support. 

The Internet services industry is a technical and fragmented field and it is not easy for small businesses to find all of these skill sets being offered at an affordable rate by one company.

4.  In today’s economy, affordability is a major consideration for businesses.  Many United States or European based organizations have high costs to deliver a quality service; while on the other side you have many outsourcing companies that do not necessarily have acceptable communication & consulting skills, project-management capabilities or high-quality customer service.  We are here to bring the words affordability and quality to businesses looking to do anything from generate global sales to establishing their place in a local niche market.

5.  TopRock is able to deliver predictable business outcomes.  To our clients, this means you get effective results in a stable business environment.  We have well established relationships within our own global organization which allows us to develop workflow processes that would otherwise be tedious or impossible.