TopRock Internet | Client References

Players Bench
Denver, Colorado – Client Since April 2011

We have helped to develop more than 40 websites for Players Bench over the past 12 months.  We have also produced 100s of top 10 rankings in the google search engine with their main website, (ex.  hockey equipment, hockey gear, composite hockey sticks, hockey elbow pads, easton hockey sticks, hockey skates for sale, etc.)

Example Sites:
keywords: easton hockey skates
keywords: hockey skates for sale

REMAX Alliance
Boulder, Colorado – Client Since January 2011

We have developed more than 30 websites for REMAX Alliance in Boulder over the past 12 months.  We have also helped them produce more than 100 number 1 rankings in the google search engine through their main website, (ex. Boulder real estate, boulder realtors, boulder homes for sale, boulder co real estate, etc.) 

Example Sites:
keywords: dakota ridge real estate,dakota ridge in boulder co, etc.

Denver, Colorado – Client Since May 2010

We developed a series of 75 successful seo optimized real estate web sites for AHF, LLC.  In addition, we worked with AHF to develop a highly successful organic search engine marketing campaign.  Over a 6 month period, we helped to produce more than 700 top 10 rankings in google alone, and currently hold top positioning for real estate keywords in cities throughout the state of Colorado.  These sites are experiencing a great deal of search engine marketing (sem) success and web traffic.

Example Sites:
keywords: golden co real estate, golden co realtors, golden real estate, etc.
keywords: denver co real estate, denver co realtors, real estate in denver co, etc.

RE/MAX Alliance – Nichols Group, Inc.
Westminster, Colorado – Client Since December 2006

We have developed a series of 17 successful real estate web sites from the ground up for the Nichols Group.  The resulting network of websites has been generating thousands of leads every year (since 2006) and the sites are experiencing a great deal of search engine marketing (sem)success.  In addition to generating between 150 – 450 real estate inquiries every month, these sites also receive more than 3,000 unique visitors every month.  The entire network is currently managed, marketed and maintained by TopRock.

Example Sites:
keywords: arvada real estate, arvada co real estate, arvada realtors, arvada realtor, remax arvada, etc.
keywords: lafayette colorado real estate, lafayette colorado realtors, lafayette co realtors, etc.

Parts USA International
Denver, Colorado – Client Since December 2006

TopRock provides Parts USA International with complete online marketing and web development solutions.  They have been in the auto parts and accessories business for more than 30 years.  With Parts USA International, we have planned and launched more than 5 ecommerce web sites that are all generating sales & revenue.
- keywords: fuel injectors, fuel injector, gas fuel injectors, gas fuel injector, etc.
- keywords: clutch kit, clutch kits, clutches, etc.
- keywords: covercraft car covers, custom car covers, car bras, etc.

NPTI Colorado
Lakewood, Colorado – Client Since June 2008

TopRock provides NPTI Colorado with a large scope of services ranging from website development to Internet marketing and hosting.   We have produced many top 10 google rankings for NPTI Colorado in google, yahoo and bing.  NPTI Colorado has a successful personal trainer school as well as a local health & fitness center.
- keywords: personal trainer school, personal trainer schools, personal trainer education, personal trainer certification, personal trainer in lakewood, etc.
- keywords: lakewood fitness center, lakewood health center, lakewood health club, kettlebell classes lakewood, spinning classes lakewood, etc.

Selley Group Real Estate, LLC
Colorado Springs, Colorado – Client Since December 2006

TopRock has been providing complete seo services for Selley Group Real Estate, LLC since the company began operations in December 2006.  We have worked with Selley Group on creating an effective seo strategy and offering a high quality seo service.  We have also consulted and conducted web design for them in the past.
- keywords: colorado springs realtor, colorado springs realtors, colorado co realtor, realtor in colorado springs, realtor colorado springs, etc.
- keywords: colorado springs realtors, colorado springs co realtors, colorado springs realtor, realtors in colorado springs, realtors in colorado springs co

New Home Connection, Inc.
Colorado Springs, Colorado – Client Since December 2006

TopRock has been providing New Home Connection with top quality seo consulting and seo services for many years.  We have worked with them on a number of strategies and helped to keep them near the very top of the search engines for many keywords related to Colorado Springs.
- keywords: colorado springs homes, colorado springs new homes, colorado springs co real estate, colorado springs real estate, colorado springs realtors, etc.
- keywords: colorado springs relocation, colorado springs neighborhoods, colorado springs photos, etc. + 100s of neighborhoods, parks and communities keywords.